I've been looking for a new shaving cream; how good is this shaving cream for sensitive skin?
Belleville, NJ - 5 years ago

5 answers

Aveeno is great for sensitive skin. I have extremely sensitive and smooth skin. The Aveeno shaving gel has help me a great deal and protects my skin from cuts.
2 years ago
Not sure if you are still looking for some help here but this is a great shaving cream for sure, but if you are looking for a new shaving cream for yourself, for your face, I highly recommend you go with Nivea Men sensitive line. My hubby has sensitive skin and I switched him to the Nivea and he really likes it, makes shaving a lot more comfortable. They have the shaving cream, after shave, face wash and lotion, all fantastic products! Hope this helps.
4 years ago
It's amazing! I usually have really bad issues with razor burn and bumps but since using this that has all stopped. I no longer break out after shaving!
4 years ago
It's great. Been using it for years for my sensitive skin
4 years ago
It's good. My mom uses it and she said it works just fine
5 years ago