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Aveda Shampure Nurturing...
2 Reviews
4 / 5
If you’ve got a ton of oil or product buildup in your hair, this shampoo will give you a very thorough clean. I bought this to use a few times before coloring my hair because I felt like I had a ton of toner and product buildup in my hair and wanted a clean slate. This shampoo truly made my hair feel very clean. But I wash my hair everyday after exercising and this was a little too much for my scalp which is getting drier as I get older. I’m sure I would have loved it when I was a teen and my hair was extremely oily. But for all intents and purposes it worked for what I needed.
4 / 5
I got this Aveda shampoo kit as a gift from my sister. This is trial pack shampoo and i used it. Initially I don’t like it but after couple of use i realize my hair looks smooth and shiny. This is best shampoo to nurturing your hair and to provide better nourishment.