How many bottles of Australian Gold Dark Tanning Intensifier Oil you would say you would use up for the whole entire Summer?
Houston, TX - il y a 6 ans

3 answers

You use like a little squirt for each limb and a handful for the back and stomach. Depending on how dark you want to get I suppose
il y a 5 ans
I tan dark, so 1 bottle lasts all summer long for me. I only use it to jump start my tan
il y a 5 ans
It all depends on how much you apply, how many hours you're in the sun in one sitting (because of having to reapply often), and how many days this summer you plan on being out. If you plan on sunbathing often, you could easily go through anywhere from 3-5 bottles. It all depends on how much time is spent in the sun. I've used up to 2 in one summer, but I wasn't purposefully sunbathing all summer long.
il y a 6 ans