Austin Springs AS-WH Whole House Water Filter

by Austin Springs

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The Austin SpringsTM Whole House Water Filter reduces free, available chlorine in water by more than 97 see NSF ANSI data sheet for details. Reduction of free available chlorine in water makes it taste better, less aggressive towards skin, and less likely to produce unpleasant odors in the shower. While the addition of chlorine to the public water supply does help to keep us safe, Nature did not intend for us to drink, bathe in or cook with chlorinated water and the Austin Springs Whole House Water Filter has tested to NSF ANSI 42 for the reduction of chlorine taste and odor. Excellent flow rate: Many other water filters on the market also do an excellent job of reducing chlorine taste and odor but come up short in their ability to do so without seriously diminishing the flow rate of water into a home. The Austin Springs Whole House Filter proved during testing that it would maintain an average of 7 GPM gallons per minute throughout its life expectancy approx 300,000 gallons under normal conditions. Three stages of filtration:. A 10 Sediment Pre-Filter reduces the amount of rust, sediment and silt. This step greatly improves the life expectancy of the main filter by not allowing it to get clogged prematurely with things like rust, sediment and silt. A proprietary blend of patented Copper-Zinc filter media aalong with crushed mineral stone reduces levels of chlorine and water soluble heavy metals while also inhibiting the growth of bacteria and algae in the tank. An Activated Carbon Block Filter woprks to reduce levels of herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, and other chemicals compounds know as VOC s volatile organic compounds. Exceptional flow rate of 7.0 gpm powerful enough to guarantee adequate water flow in all areas of the average 3,500 square foot home. Filtered water from every tap in your home. Reduction in wear and tear on plumbing, fixtures and appliances. Improved flavors of foods and b


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