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Ashley Black FasciaBlaster®
Ashley Black

Ashley Black FasciaBlaster®


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5 / 5
I’ve been using the fascia blaster for years on and off and It helps so much when I work out on a regular basis. The fascia blaster gives me the control to make cuts in my muscles and makes me look cut faster. It also helped me to not be so sore after hard workouts. I recommend!
1 / 5
My fascia blaster broke within a few weeks of owning it. The shipping price was super inflated, the product was no better than cheaper ones on Amazon, in fact worse because it was so cheaply made that one of the massage heads snapped off for no reason. I sent in a claim, and after being made to jump through hoops, taking pictures from this angle and that, I was told someone would reach out to me. No one ever did, so I e-mailed back, and apparently now they want me to print up a sheet of paper, and take more pictures with that paper in the background. Anything but replace this piece. Ashley Black is obviously not an honest business person, and does not allow comments on her instagram advertisements, which is a big red flag that she does not want people to be able to share their experiences. After doing some research on her, it was scary what I saw. I also bought her serum, which came with a broken squeeze tube, that's about right for her subpar products and super low quality customer service. Anyone who calls themselves a guru is not to be trusted.
4 / 5
Warm up and prepare tissue for massive claw blasters using this blaster. After the main blasting session, this is also a terrific way to relax the fascia. The smooth edge(s) that aid tissue flushing are a really useful feature here.


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What tools in the set are for the beginner blaster? Which should I buy first?
I love the final result of this product, it is durable and it is also economical I recommend this product since I am very happy with the result
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