Aromatherapy Associates Rose Infinity Moisturiser

by Aromatherapy Associates

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Plumps out the appearance of wrinkles and achieves an illuminated, younger looking skin that is deeply hydrated. Works to increase moisture deep within the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, create a radiant tone and provide long-lasting hydration Key benefits: Supports the skin's ability to repair and strengthen at a cellular level Aids the resistance to environmental stress. Moisture retention in the deeper layers of the skin is increased through the controlled release of hyaluronic acid Key ingredients: Hydroxyproline (derived from palm and coconut oil) - collagen specific amino acid which works with the skin to support the production of hyaluronic acid. Delivers an anti-wrinkle and firming effect on the skin Ximenia Americana seed oil - long-chain fatty acids promote suppleness and prevent moisture loss Omega 6 ceramide from safflower - helps reduce inflammation, restores elasticity and increases moisture levels Encapsulated sodium hyaluronate - high molecular weight ensures an increased level of moisture retention, with the 'controlled release' giving a longer-lasting plumping effect to wrinkles Alpine rose stem cells- protects the skin barrier and boosts epidermal regeneration by making it more resistant to environmental stresses such as UV rays, cold, wind and dryness


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