I really need a deeper clean when it comes to brushing my teeth. Problem is, I have very sensitive gums and teeth. How gentle is this toothbrush? I worry the spinning will be to fast and too harsh.
Barberton , OH - il y a 5 ans

3 answers

Have you heard of QUIP? Check that out. Very gentle vibrations- we've used as a family for over 3 years
il y a 7 mois
My gums bleed a lot, and this does a good job cleaning my teeth and reducing bleeding. Just don’t put too much pressure when you put the spinning brush on your teeth.
il y a un an
I have periodon'tal disease so my gums and teeth are crazy sensitive. I've found this brush works great. My gums bleed no matter what I do but they don't bleed so bad with this brush.
il y a 5 ans