[product:arm-&-hammer-essentials-solid-deodorant-fresh] Does this make anyone else’s armpits super dry and make the skin start peeling?
Warren, MI - il y a un an

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yes this happens to me every now and then! i think it may be after i shave my armpits that it starts doing that
il y a 3 mois
No I love this deodorant!
il y a 7 mois
It didn't make mine dry or peeling? I didn't have any sticky residue at all and it went on easily with no chaulky feeling.
il y a 10 mois
Not happened to me.
il y a un an
I have not had this issue with arm& hammer essentials solid deodorant. I have not had any issues with dry armpits or itch while using this product.
il y a un an
I haven’t had this issue per say but some days they are a little itchier than usual. I usually just make sure to scrub well in the shower. I feel like it’s a nice light product so it doesn’t irritate like others I’ve had those problems with.
il y a un an
I have not had that issue myself. For me it has worked great and kept me very fresh.
il y a un an
I used this for a month with no issues. Then all of a sudden I've had the same issues. My armpits are red and irritated. I'm not sure if they're related but I haven't changed anything.
il y a un an
I’ve liked this deodorant but recently, especially today, it’s making my armpits super itchy and dry... I think it’s due to the fact it has fragrance, but otherwise the ingredients are overall fine.
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