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ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials™ Solid Deodorant, Fresh
Arm & Hammer

ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials™ Solid Deodorant, Fresh


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5 / 5
This is by far my favorite deodorant! I love the light scent. It’s also a natural deodorant that’s not too expensive and doesn’t contain any aluminum oxide! Very affordable and works like a charm!
5 / 5
I have used every natural, aluminum free deodorant, there is and none have worked as well as this one!!! Unlike the other aluminum free deodorants, this one doesn’t require multiple applications. I usually use it when I’m out the shower and I’ll be good to go, if not then it’ll only require one more application and you’ll be good. This deodorant also smells REALLY good, unlike many natural ones. It’s a must try if you’re looking for a aluminum free deodorant.
4 / 5
works well. super affordable. lightened my underarms!!! my main thing is that i don’t suggest using after you’ve shaved your underarms bc it could cause discomfort or a rash since it does contain baking soda. if you sweat a lot, i really wouldn’t recommend


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I’ve tried SO many different natural deodorants, only to smell and sweat more! But this ARM & HAMMER has worked very well for me so far! What is your fav natural deodorant?
Has anyone else tried this.... Loved it..... But since the pandemic it doesn't hold me anymore. I wonder if the formula has changed?
Does anyone who where this can be purchased in Canada ?
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