Where is the best place I can get this product for a good price? I know I have seen it at quite a few different places so I want to make sure I can get the best deal! Also, can you buy it in a larger size quantity than this?
Laveen, AZ - il y a 5 ans

3 answers

I got mine at a discount/damaged goods store but Walmart is usually reasonably priced. Otherwise I will often google items and see where locally it is sold and if they have a web site I will go and check out their prices.
il y a 2 ans
Does come in a very large box and I find Walmart to be the cheapest
il y a 3 ans
Wal-Mart has it pretty cheap..check coupons from local places online..like w algreens and such, you can usually find up to $2 off
il y a 3 ans