Im a mom with 3, 2year old cats. I am having the hardest time finding a litter that controls the older as well as clumps wet and dry.... How well does Arm & hammer Double duty litter control it all?
Clinton Twp, MI - il y a 5 ans

3 answers

It's the best in my Ok I ion, it's so much easier to clean than other brands, it's not gritty and alk waste and odor gets sealed into neat little clumps
il y a 3 ans
Great for odor control and clumping action.
il y a 4 ans
To be honest, this is the only product of cat litter I trust. My roommate's cat has a HORRIBLE poop smell and this is the only thing that controls it. It also does an amazing job with the clumping so it's easy to clean.
il y a 4 ans