Hi, I dyed my hair back in May with boxed blue hair dye (I know I know not good, but pandemic and all) then red a month later and then 2 months later used hair color remover to get the color out. Which worked to the most part but you can see in the sun hints of red and blue still. Wondering if this would do proper coverage on my blonde hair (never bleached)?
Gulfport, MS - il y a 10 mois

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Ok so I don’t have blonde hair , but I have used [product:arctic-fox-100%-vegan-poison-semi-permanent-hair-color-dye]on my brown hair with a deep purple color and the coverage was phenomenal , this is my hair currently in the split die trend and I did bleach my hair since I had a box black dye due to the pandemic as well. 
il y a 10 mois