Does this product change the natural color of your hair over time? I have virgin hair and intend to keep it that way. I am dark blonde to light brown. I want to get cute pink hair for Summer but can’t compromise.
North York, ON - il y a 4 mois

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I’ve not used Arctic Fox myself (would love to eventually) but many of my friends have and I’ve used alternate brands for years. If you’re going to be putting it over your virgin hair, the first thing to remember is that your result will not be as vibrant as if it were pre-lightened - but I understand that’s not for everyone, and you’ll still get a nice and less “in your face” colour depending on how light your natural hair is. These are semi-permanent so will wash out eventually, but depending on how frequently you wash your hair, 2-6weeks is usually the average for virgin hair. Worth noting that if you use really hot water when showering, non-colour safe shampoo, heat products, or are out in the sun for long periods, it will fade faster. Also, some colours fade faster and lighter than others. A pink should have you back to normal pretty quickly, but a blue or green (not your question but FYI) may leave a bit of a twinge for a little longer as they’re naturally more pigmented. Finally, if you really want to go back to normal, you can try a hair colour remover to speed up the process. Hope that helps!
il y a 4 mois