Does it fade out quickly or how long does it usually last if you wash your hair every other day?
Tulelake, CA - il y a 3 mois

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As with all hair color it's always depends on how porous your hair is at the time and how much it chooses to absorb and hold. in my experience blues have always been the most stubborn of colors but when I see that that's not exactly in reference to vibrancy more so it just kind of always there. However with all the semi-permanent dyes that I have tried over the years I have found that arctic fox is one of my favorite and seems to not wash out nearly as quickly other brands like Manic Panic. As I'm sure you know the more you wash your hair the quicker it face and anyone who uses semi-permanent dyes probably does what they can to stray away from washing every other day like dry shampoos. Although it is not recommended to wash your hair so often if you must and would like to do what you can to prolong the color I would consider putting some color into your shampoo so that it is constantly depositing to die they have specials shampoos that do that.
il y a 3 mois