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Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment

Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment

4.8 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars87%
  • 4 Stars11%
  • 3 Stars2%
  • 2 Stars1%
  • 1 Star0%
#1 in Lotion
  • Advanced therapy skin protectant
  • Helps restore smooth, healthy skin
  • Dermatologist recommended

Active Ingredients: Petrolatum

Inactive Ingredients: Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Ceresin, Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Bisabolol (L-Alpha)

Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment
Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment
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ec408e c.
ec408e c.
185 reviews
Aug. 29, 2016, 11:55 p.m.
Review for: First Aid Tube
There's a reason why Aquaphor is mostly five stars, with thousands of reviews. Not just this jar packaging one, but all their other forms too. Aquaphor is HG/MVP status for me. This is my desert island product for sure. Nothing helps my dry lips or skin like Aquaphor. I sing it's praises to all my family, friends, strangers, anyone who will listen. Lots of people think Aquaphor is just a more expensive version of petroleum jelly, a glorified Vaseline. This isn't true. If you compare the ingredients, yes Aquaphor has petroleum (41%). But it also has other ingredients that if you research them, they're emollients, thus making Aquaphor like a souped up petroleum. I know there are those who like to go the natural route and avoid petroleum at all costs. But there's research supporting petroleum's pros and cons. For me, it doesn't bother me. I have several forms of petroleum (Vaseline and other brands), 2 jars of Aquaphor (1 big, 1 small), 1 mid-size tube of Aquaphor, 1 Aquaphor lip without spf, and 1 Aquaphor lip with spf (this is the only one I don't recommend b/c of the taste). And that's only what I currently have. Back in March, I bought 20 of the 1.7 oz tubes for my Mom to take back to our family. Really to be economical, depending on your own usage, and sanitary reasons, you should just go with the 1.7 oz tube. It's easy to travel with in your purse, diaper bag, or carry on. Don't underestimate the size. You only need the tiniest amount. Unless you plan on constantly slathering your hands and feet and sleep in it overnight with gloves and socks on, then get the jar. There is no difference in the regular version and the baby version. It's just marketing and different pricing, compare the ingredients for yourself. I have noticed though that sometimes the baby one is up to $1.00 cheaper. So grab one from the lotion aisle and one from the baby aisle and compare for yourself the size and price. Note: Some have short exp dates of 1 year or less. This is true for all forms and sizes. But I've had some of mine for years and they have never molded, stunk, changed in texture, stopped working, etc. If you take care of the jars properly (don't double dip, use Q-tips, close the lid promptly and tightly after use), you should be fine. Otherwise, if you're sensitive about using something past it's exp date, then get the smallest tube packaging for your needs instead.
Sydney T.
Sydney T.
Lincolndale , NY
30 reviews
June 10, 2016, 8:27 p.m.
Review for: Eucerin Protectant
I usually love this stuff, but recently I used it over my acne medications for overnight rather than my usual moisturizer (CeraVe), just because I was becoming super dry with the use of the medication. Beware if you have sensitive, dry skin and use this on top of any topical medication. It literally made my face feel like it was burning off, as if someone lit my face on fire. I thought the sting would go away in a minute or two, but it didn't. I had to splash my face with ice cold water for a few minutes as if I had gotten burned. It was extremely red and stayed red even after calming down for the most part. The topical medications do irritate my face usually, but never burned like this until I tried using Aquaphor over them. I would recommend asking a doctor what moisturizers are compatible if you are using topicals. I still am giving this four stars because it usually works wonders for so many different uses, in particular under makeup in especially dry areas. Only taking away the one star because of it's potentially irritating effects and also because I've found the moisture doesn't last long on my lips.
Amanda O.
Amanda O.
Brainerd, MN
13 reviews
June 30, 2016, 12:49 a.m.
Review for: First Aid Jar
I use this product as part of my facial skin care, I have some semi problematic skin, all throughout the year my skin is dry. But during the winter my skin tends to peel and flake. To make things worse I have mild to moderate acne and have trouble combating both problems at the same time. Sometimes certain moisturizers breaks me out and if I try to dry out my acne it just seems to inflame and the skin around it peels but when I apply this over my flaky patches me skin never has a bad reaction I don't break out and the next day my skin is smooth. However it never seems to full dissolve into my skin and has ruined a couple pillow cases I do recommend rinsing your face and using a gentle cleanser to remove any left sitting on your skin in the morning because it makes the skin appear very oily. Another note would be that a little goes a VERY long way, I don't see this as an acne treatment so much as a moisturizer that doesn't break me out. I recommend this for someone with flaky skin and would say that it is safe to use if you have dry skin and acne.
Carole M.
Carole M.
Winchester, VA
180 reviews
May 15, 2016, 5:06 p.m.
Review for: Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy 14 oz
In love with the pay off and ease of affordability with this leading contender ! ! ! ! - Eucerin is an long standing leader at treating your skin. I keep this product stock piled, as it works especially best during the winter season when my hands-skin have challenge enough on it's own. Secondary, this is an all out tried and absolutely " true " product for me, in cases where there is excessive hand washing due to my job. It is the first choice in skin care, and has remained as such, by most practicing Dermatologists ! I challenge anyone reading, to do your own research as a fellow educated consumer, to support this fact online, or just ask your own !! I appreciate Eucerin's genuine vision, in overall caring for your skin, as well as highly value their true approach in business/ethics clearly exampled, that the prices of this product continue to be maintained and are easily made available to most of us on a reasonable-realistic scale ! :) Although I receive free products, based on my wo
Tiffany G.
Tiffany G.
Philadelphia, PA
20 reviews
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Wellness Guru Expert
Level 1
This product does exactly what the label claims--it has healing properties, it is certainly more advanced than petrolatum and dry hands, heels and everything in between will benefit from its therapeutic effects. And for such a heavy ointment, it absorbs remarkably quickly. Even the dogs enjoy its healing effects. One of our Weims flaps his ears so enthusiastically that the skin tears. Since we started to rub Aquaphor on them, his beautiful ears remain wound free and cashmere soft.

I don't know how or why it works better than Vaseline, but I've compared both and Aquaphor is more effective at repairing cracked skin, as well as, forming a protective barrier to combat nature's effects especially during winter. And while it might be more expensive than Vaseline, this tub lasts such a long time that the cost is negligible when viewed over the long term. We use it for everything and everyone, including the four legged members of the family, and it's made all the difference.
Kelly S.
Kelly S.
2 reviews
I absolutely love this product and always have a container (or 4!) at my fingertips!

1. In the Nursery; definitely a must have for diaper rash. I'll use Aquaphor before applying or mixed in with Desitin to help prevent/treat diaper rash.
2. The bathroom; I'll use a little bit of Aquaphor to conceal my split ends if I'm overdue on a haircut and it works so good to tame those flyaway hairs or crazy eyebrows.
3. My nightstand: I work in a hospital and the gloves kill my hands, especially in the winter or when I have an eczema flare-up. I put a think layer on my hands before bed and then throw on gloves for some major hydration.
4. In my purse; those little Aquaphor sample tubes are perfect for on the go. I use them to moisturize my lips, as a quick makeup remover, to prevent lipstick from getting on my teeth by applying a small amount to my teeth, and to keep my nose from getting red and irritated from blowing it all the time when sick.
Jennifer D.
Jennifer D.
Rosamond, CA
244 reviews
This was a wonderful product!!! I burned my hand badly a little over a year ago and went to a burn unit and was doing the normal care for the weeks that involved healing. On my last visit to the doctor, they told me to keep moisturizing my skin (it was so new and sensitive) with Aquaphor. My sister had a jar because she has some serious dry skin (like cracked and bleeding) and she let me use some of hers. I have to say it's such an excellent product. It moisturized my skin and helped the healing process. Now I use it if I really need something to lock in moisture and give me that added boost. I'm all for protecting my skin. Another of my sisters had to use it for the tattoo she got and it really helped soothe the pain from what she said. Verdict: Highly recommend (it was my doctor's recommendation too)!!! Here's my body drinking to healthy, glowing and hydrated skin :)
Trish M.
Trish M.
Springville, UT
133 reviews
This is a miracle in a jar! It is used for so many things in our home.

First it is part of our new tattoo care routine and it is the only thing I trust to help heal them. It never hurts or irritates them and I can trust it when I am applying it to such a sensitive thing.

Second best thing I have found to use it for is my feet. I have always had cracked dry feet, I had prescription lotions for it when I was only 8. It is important for me to always moisturized or it spirals out of control fast and becomes very painful. I apply this at night and focus on my heals, it keeps them from hurting and really repairs them. I do forget to apply sometimes and when my feet get bad, one application with a pair of socks over and they are almost repaired overnight.

Love this!
Brittany W.
Brittany W.
Jacksonville, FL
32 reviews
June 1, 2016, 10:13 p.m.
Review for: First Aid Tube
Ever since I started working in the food industry I've had to wash my hands SO many times a day. With the chemicals and sanitizer my hands dry out so much and my skin is already dry..so everything that touched my hands made them dry and I'd get rashes on my hands. I found this while trying to find something that's more sensitive for my hands and will actually moisturize and heal. I recommend this 100% to anyone! this has saved my hands and any other areas on my skin that get extremely dry. I use this before bed or whenever I'm not at work. It is a little oily but that's the point. It just needs time to sink into your skin and applying overnight is the perfect way. PLEASE BUY THIS IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH DRY IRRITATED SKIN!!!! You will not regret it!
Jessi E.
Jessi E.
Cornelius, OR
119 reviews
My son, now 7 months, has suffered from eczema since he was 2 months old. If you have experiences with eczema you know how awful this can be! The itching, redness, bumps, dryness... very uncomfortable, especially for a baby. I have LITERALLY tried EVERYTHING from vaseline, organic balms, hydrocortisone, changing my diet, different laundry detergent (homemade/scent free), cleaning like crazy, humidifier, scent-free body wash, organic cotton clothing, and NOTHING has helped my son's eczema except for Aquaphor. It's amazing how quickly this reduced his breakouts. I moisturize him daily and after every bath. When he gets red I apply more. It's a bit spendy at $14.99 but so worth it. Also works with diaper rash! Bam! Multi-purpose.
Gina H.
Gina H.
Elk Grove, CA
139 reviews
Has anyone ever used this after getting a tattoo to help it heal?
Diana H.
Diana H.
New York, NY
16 reviews
Never tried this but is it safe to use for todddlers?
Christine T.
Christine T.
Staten Island, NY
199 reviews
Whats your favorite way to use this product?
Brittany B.
Brittany B.
Fayetteville, Nc
18 reviews
What are all the different ways this product can be used?
Stacy B.
Stacy B.
New York,ny
12 reviews
Is it good

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