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Do they really get the new updates?
Has it ever turned off on you randomly?
Who else would recommend
ove the fact that 16GB of memory gives you plenty of storage to download all the apps you want as well to keep a large number of pictures in your phone. Aside from little annoying bugs here and there Iphones are a solid choice for a smartphone. The 4S camera is decent in quality, but the 4S battery life is terrible, so be ready to purchase a case with an extra battery or an external battery that you can carry with you wherever you go. My biggest pet peeve with Apple is that it makes high quality phones that can do almost anything you want, except hold a battery for long enough so you have the chance of taking advantage of all its features. For that reason and the high price tag I never buy the latest models of iPhones and always keep an iPod touch on me so I can listen to all the music and podcasts I want without worrying about being left with a dead phone by lunch time. Another issue I have with iPhones is that the volume of alarms comparing to Android phones is very low, so if you are a heavy sleeper like me be certain that you will need a most reliable alarm to wake you up in the mornings!
Is there any more in stock?
É bom? Eu quero
How's your iPhone 4s been treating you?
What is your opinion about IOS? Better than Android?
Does anyone still use the 4s, with it not being able to get most of the new updates to it?