What temperature do you enjoy your wine?
Bronx, NY - il y a 2 ans

6 answers

It tastes best just under room temp and decanted to really open up the flavours. Let it breath for 10 mins for maximum enjoyment
il y a 14 jours
Reds at room temperature.
il y a un an
Room temperature for reds like this one!
il y a 2 ans
Red wine I usually keep at room temperature or in the fridge for a short short time before serving
il y a 2 ans
Typically I like them both chilled. It is not the wine connoisseur way to drink red, but my friend said, however you like it is best for you and no one should poo poo it. :)
il y a 2 ans
I like red wine at room temperature & white wine chilled 😊
il y a 2 ans