Is the membership worth the price?
Marietta - il y a 3 ans

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It is worth if you put in the time and effort. They have a good range of machines and weights. I've seen so many of my friends go there because of the price and hours. I have also seen extreme results.
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I believe so. Our location is definitely a smaller one, but cleanliness also is a huge factor to me and they really focus to make sure our gym is clean for use. Also, they constantly have different challenges going that you can win money for hitting your goal and gives you a little extra motivation to get into the gym.
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IMO I think it depends on your situation With the gym I feel like you’re paying for convenience of being able to go whenever you want to and also top notch equipment. But my particular location doesn’t have the classes and all that fun stuff like the one I went to in Fayetteville, NC (still my favorite club). If that doesn’t really matter for your situation, then it might not be worth it.
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Definitely it is and they are really flexible as well according to you and your relationship with the brand.
il y a 2 ans
Absolutely. They are a coaching club and ours has a personal trainer on staff to guide you on workouts that are best for you. I have met several goals and experienced things I wouldnt have without their suggestions.
il y a 3 ans