I need a cream for the night time but I have very oily skin. However I want to start taking care of my skin to prevent wrinkles. Would this cream be any good? Would it make my skin oily?
Las Vegas, NV - il y a 5 ans

2 answers

It might be helpful to contact Andalou's and request some of their free samples to decide which skincare line will suit your needs. My skin is dry/sensitive but I am using both the Age Defying and the Brightening line products and they work well..
il y a 4 ans
I had trouble with oily skin and was always hesitant to try new face creams. I bought his because I tend to have sensitive skin and break out from other creams. I love it. It is a very thick cream and a little goes a long way, but it works great with my skin. Also, because I'm only wearing it at night I don't mind it being on the thicker side. Side note: I use their daily moisturizer "1000 roses" in the morning; it is lightweight and doesn't seem to make my skin more oily.
il y a 5 ans