Does this last throughout the day?
Newburgh, IN - il y a 3 mois

47 answers

yes last all day long
il y a 12 jours
yes! it’s smudge proof and sweat proof for me! when i go to work or i’m out in the sun the color doesn’t move or transfer !
il y a 18 jours
If the product lasts all day, honey.
il y a 19 jours
Yes! All day!!
il y a un mois
Yes! It’s one of the harder to remove pomades I’ve tried!
il y a un mois
Yes just be sure to atleast use setting spray!
il y a un mois
I use a brow gel afterwards and they don’t come off until I take them off! It’s the best $18 you’ll spend because it lasts forever!
il y a un mois