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American Airlines Airline Company
American Airlines Airline Company
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  • "They lost our luggage, both flights were delayed, customer service was horrible and nobody wanted to help us try and get on a different flight." in 66 reviews
  • "My family and I fly American Airlines out if Newark New Jersey often.There miles profeam is great and we always enjoy the attentive flight attendants" in 55 reviews
  • "They are the last airline to keep decent meals in first class and I think they are reluctant to reduce their service as quickly as other mainline carriers." in 22 reviews
  • "The attendants seemed helpful, but, but the flight overall was slightly uncomfortable due to a cramped space and little leg room. " in 21 reviews
  • "While I will admit that I've been on more luxurious planes, I love the availability that AA offers with other One World Alliance members and the ability to rack up points for frequent flyers." in 16 reviews
Emily J.
47 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 1
Have not been satisfied with American Airlines lately. First of all, they changed their policy so now you don’t even get a free carry-on bag that you can put in the overhead storage, you can only bring a small bag, such as a purse or backpack, that goes under the seat. You must upgrade your ticket (pay more) to get the overhead carry-on. Also the flights are always delayed and the checked luggage always takes at least an hour to show up. The flight attendants are also not very helpful—they always skip over random people when handing out beverages and snacks, and get annoyed if you ask a question. The overhead storage on my last flight popped open and a woman was nervous the luggage would fall out and hurt someone so she notified a flight attendant and they rolled their eyes at her and closed it without saying a word and without thanking her for telling them. Another time we landed and the seatbelt sign was OFF so I went to the restroom but the flight attendants made me sit back down saying we were going to be taking off soon (because we had to land for bad weather and then take off again) and then we didn’t take off for another 45 minutes! So disappointed with this airline.
Sam P.
4 reviews
The only reason I give these guys a 1 star is I had a 6am flight leaving from Sioux City to Chicago to Green Bay. Little back story, Thursday I was in North Dakota for a show, drove overnight, Friday I was in Minnesota for a show, and had to drive overnight and my flight was 6am from Sioux City, IA and I was suppose to land in Green Bay at 930am that Saturday morning. So it’s been a few busy days. They called me at midnight (6 hours before my flight) with an automated message and said my flight had been cancelled and gave me two options. Either to cancel my trip all together or select a new flight which departed at noon instead (6 hours behind schedule now). Since I needed to get there, I had to select departing at noon. I get to the airport in Sioux City and start talking to the gate attendants (very small airport) and told them what happened and they said oh yeah, the 6am flight went out this morning and it was hardly full. I was super shocked! So I guess my Chicago flight to Green Bay flight was cancelled but my Sioux City to Chicago still departed, but never told me that. So we board the plane at noon, and end up waiting longer than normal only to find out that our flight is delayed 2 hours. That only gives me a 20 minute window to catch my connection flight now. So I wait and finally board again. Land in Chicago, run to my new gate which is in concourse H, just a few gates down. They tell me that the gate changed to concourse G. (O’hare is massive if you didn’t know, so I sprinted). I get to G and find my gate and the plane is gone already. I missed my flight. So, the time is around 4pm now. The next available flight is 830pm. I didn’t get to Green Bay until 930pm when I was suppose to be there at 930am. So much for that day of spending time with family that I haven’t seen in a very long time, since I had been on the road traveling. I know this was only one bad experience, but I think the situation could have been avoided in many ways. I wouldn’t fly with American Airlines again.
Keonna B.
Saint Louis, MO
80 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 1
I’m a bit biased because I love American Airlines. I must be honest in this review and state that I’ve flown delta but that was when i was a kid and the reason I haven’t flown southwest is because they don’t fly to the airport that i frequent. I say all of that to say that there may be better airlines, but I’m not aware of it at this point. I regularly fly American from STL to HOUSTON and that can be a rather expensive ticket depending on when you get it (which is what happens with most airlines). But I’ve found American to be the cheapest flight out (even cheaper than using airline discount sites) when you’re able to book in advance. Although I must say that there have been times that I had to fly out at a moment’s notice (about a week out) and was able to find a decent ticket. Even if i wasn’t able to online, I have called their reservation line before and the representatives have worked with me to find a ticket i could afford. I’ve only had one representative that wasn’t overtly friendly, but the rest have always been super kind and patient, even offering suggestions that ended up helping me greatly in the long one.

The flights have always been comfortable, even the seats that are free. The flight attendants are attentive and not bothersome or rude. The flights are usually on time. I’ve only experience one time that I had repeated lay overs but that was due to the fact I was traveling during the holiday season. That was a hectic experience, but the attendants at the gate made it bearable. I often travel with my 5 year old (as of this post) god baby and they are always kind to him. Some of the planes even have TVs on the back of all of the seats, not just first class and he is able to enjoy a movie or tv show during the flight. The snacks are often the same...your choice of beverage and a snack, but it comes in handy when you can’t stop for a bite to eat and are running to your next flight. On one flight, the attendant gave me earphones since mine weren’t working.

I could go on and on, but American Airlines will always be my go to FIRST for airline tickets.
Megan S.
30 reviews
Normally we travel with Delta, but American Airlines had a great deal on the flight we needed during our trip to Barcelona. Our flight from JFK to Barcelona was great, however the regional flight was less so. We were two adults traveling with a toddler with her own seat.

On our regional flight, family boarding was not offered even though we were obviously sitting at the gate with a large carseat. When our boarding group was announced, the gate agent automatically assumed we wanted to gate check the carseat (which we did not) and I had to struggle to get it installed quickly on a small aircraft while other people were trying to file into their seats. On our return regional flight we opted to check the carseat as it had proven too cumbersome. When my toddler was seated the attendent came and asked if my daughter had her own ticket (which she did). This seemed odd since I'd think it would be noted there were no infant in arms onboard, and even so the flight was not full.

Our transatlantic flight went much better (aside from my daughter not sleeping in her carseat as planned. Not the airline's fault...). We were given at least 2 meals on each flight which were relatively yummy and healthy and even my daughter ate some of them. Wine and beer were also included on these flights. When my daughter was having trouble falling asleep the attendents were more than helpful, offering their galley floor for diaper changes, offering warm milk for her, and being very supportive when I was worried about her disturbing the other passengers (and them when she kept pushing the attendent call button).

Overall our experience was positive, although they could stand to be a little more family friendly. We were 2 on 1 with my daughter so not having family boarding wasn't as much of an issue as it would be if we were outmanned.
Amanda B.
West Haven, CT
153 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 1
Had a 18 hour delay due to weather. I understand how this can happen and of course didn’t mind waiting til the end of the storm, but the storm was an hour, not 18. American Airlines was not being accommodating at all, I was young and traveling alone, I had a cell phone with a dead battery, no money, no food and I was running low on my medication, (that I needed to take multiple times a day.) I was forced to sleep on the floor of the airport in Washington D.C. and the customer service rep said “there’s nothing I can do, sorry” when I asked for a cup for some water, I was told “no” I had to drink water from the sink in the bathroom and starve, because I literally had no money and left my wallet in my luggage, which I wasn’t allowed to get. I was sick and felt as if I’d pass out and not one person from the airline helped me, luckily another traveler bought me a donut and bottle of water to hold me over. Will never fly American Airlines again. I’ll stick to JetBlue.
Nadine E.
Potomac, MD
40 reviews
If I could give this company even less than one star I would. I have a serious ax to grind with them. My last flight out of the country was in 2015. My mother and I were flying to Buenos Aires to visit family. Due to an electric storm our flight got canceled, and when we were told that the only other flight was from another terminal they took their sweet time to get us there. Once there the woman working at the desk was a horrible hag who treated us like we were the problem for wanting to use their airline to travel to visit family. Let’s just say, we were uncomfortable the whole way to Argentina... that’s not the worst part. My mother wanted to take an adorable horse sculpture that my grandfather bought and bring it home. When we opened our suitcases the horse, which was made out of wood was smashed at the horses ankles... after all that, they refused to pay for the damages... trust me when I say, I won’t fly with them unless I don’t have any other choice
Kelly M.
Celebration, FL
57 reviews
I’ve never been blown away by my experience using this airline. The service from the flight attendants is okay at best. For a more expensive airline, I’ve been on several outdated planes. One flight was even delayed because the upper compartment couldn’t fit your standard roller board bag, because, and I’m quoting the captain here, “this plane was built before the invention of roller board bags.” That flight was in 2016. I was born in 1989 and remember rolling bags being around my entire life... so you’re telling me this plane is older than I am? Cool. Also had issues with being told I was on a WiFi enabled flight and then all of the sudden, we’re on a 30 year old plane that doesn’t have it, nor does it have the screens in the back of the seat. I can live without it, but when I’m paying more than a budget airline, there does need to be some consistency with the fleet of planes you own. Not my first choice for an airline.
Aqsa G.
Skokie, IL
7 reviews
They don’t really care about customer relations. I have seen several times that they overbook the flights when seriously, with advent of technology, it can clearly be avoided. They don’t even have enough staff at airports to run things smoothly. Let me tell you what I went through: 1) First my flight from Cedar Rapids to Chicago was delayed by 3 hours. You know how far Chicago is from Cedar Rapids? Just 30 minutes if we go by air. This has happened to me twice. You know airlines from other countries are carrying passengers on their transatlantic flights without delays, cancellations and excellent customer service. Its about time they visit those countries and take a lesson on how to provide a valuable customer service. 2) Then, they let everyone board the plane but somehow manage to find an excuse to not take off. We had to wait for take-off on tarmac for 2 hours and on top of that, the pilot doesn’t even announce periodically what is going on. This was agonizing for so many passengers. I purposely selected this flight because I had a 3 hour layover in Chicago and I was going to meet my friend, but because of delays caused by American Airlines, I will have to wait for another couple of months. Don’t even tell me it was a weather related delay as it was sunny! They clearly either didn’t have pilots or planes to provide the service and yet, booked us knowing very well that their services were not adequate in any way. I reached Chicago Airport at 5.30 pm when I was supposed to arrive there around 2.30 pm. But this was just the beginning. 3) Then while waiting for my next plane out of Chicago to Newark, they very cleverly increased the delay by 15-20 minutes at one time so that customers don’t cancel with them and fly with any other airlines because when you incrementally delay flights by 15 minutes, customers are more likely to stay with that particular airline in order to reach their destination. Whereas, if you had displayed from the beginning that it was 2-3 hours delay, customers were more likely to look for other options to reach their destination. 4) Then we boarded the plane at 8.30 pm, 2.5 hours after scheduled time and the same thing happened. We were on the runway for the next 2.5 hours. 2.5 hours! For what? No one knows. Crew failed to provide any update. There was no weather delays again. After 2.5 hours, the pilot turned the plane back to gate telling that he has completed his hours and couldn’t fly. Tell me about commitment levels displayed by American Airlines. Clearly, there is nothing American about your airlines anymore. 5) Then, I was told bags will arrive at carousel 6 and they arrived at carousel 7 instead. Ground staff in baggage claim area didn’t even have a clue that my flight was cancelled. When I asked about where was my bag, I gave him my bag ticket and he was said “what was texture of your bag, what color was your bag”? What sort of ridiculous questions were they? 7) Now, I had to skip my whole day at work. Horrible!
Johnny R.
San Jose, CA
70 reviews
I had an international flight scheduled from Auckland to Los Angeles on American. As we approached our gate we were informed our flight was cancelled because the crew was sick. We were then made to stand in lines for 4 hours to get our luggage back from off the plane. We were sent away from the airport to a hotel, still with no information on a rescheduled flight. We were then contacted for the next two days with constantly changing information about our rebooking. American Airlines also miscommunicated to the hotel the value of our food vouchers; we were told a particular value in the airport, and the hotel was only told half the amount. TWO DAYS after our scheduled departure, we were rebooked, loaded back in a bus to the airport, and upon parking and unloading, informed that our flight had been cancelled AGAIN; we were sent back to the hotel. Finally, three days later we were put into a flight with a different airline and were able to get back to the US. I missed two days of work and had to buy a completely new ticket for a connecting flight through a different airline in the US because of the delay, and they offered a measly voucher worth less than half the cost of the original flight. I wrote a complaint email, detailed with pictures and information, and American Airlines refused to budge. I’m extremely displeased. I also flew American Airlines in September and the plane had to make an emergency landing due to engine malfunction. We had to pack into vans and be driven an additional 2-3 hours to reach our final destination. Think twice before flying American Airlines. Fly a more reliable airline
Ashley N.
Meridian, MS
15 reviews
It’s always hit or miss. I never expect much from an airline anyways but to just get me there safely, but nice flight attendants would make for a better experience. I had a really rude attendant that I felt singled me out. I had been flying for a week with the same bag no issues. I like to put it under the seat so I can get my book and such. She made an announcements about bags and I didn’t think anything about it. Then she came to me and said she needed to take my bag and that if I had listened she wouldn’t have to hold the plane up. I tried to explain I didn’t have any issues on the other planes and she kept on with attitude and mentioned me getting off the plane. The people around me took my side and tried to help me get it in the top compartment but she took my bag off the plane. She had a very nasty demander to her and shouldn’t have been in the hospitality industry. So I emailed the company and all I got a petty little sorry email. Planes are too small and hot.
Crystal C.
New York, NY
63 reviews
Where have you travelled to with American Airlines?
Aisosa O.
Hyde Park, MA
40 reviews
What are your other favorite airlines?
Christiana G.
Rexford, NY
255 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 4
Is this a good airline? Do they ever offer any deals?
Marissa V.
197 reviews
When is the best time to fly?
Miranda C.
Richmond , BC
205 reviews
Globetrotter Expert Level 2
Has anyone used enough miles to get a free trip yet?

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