Alpine Innovations Spudz Classic Cleaning Cloth with Black Pouch - Lens, Display Screen - Washable - MicroFiber

by Alpine Innovations

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The Spudz SP-BK01 6" Black Cleaning Cloth with Pouch is a great, simple solution to keeping your optics and similar glass items clean. Dynamic yet gentle Able to clean without scratching, the SPBK0-1 6" Cleaning Cloth removes dirt and smudges on your lenses while completely protecting them from accidental scratching. Invaluable to the photography enthusiast, this lens cleaning cloth is also washable and reusable, so it cuts down on the wastage associated with other cleaning products and is thus environmentally friendly. Convenient cleaning cloth The Spudz S-PBK-01 6" Cleaning Cloth comes with a black neoprene pouch to which is stays attached when not in use. All you need to do is tuck the cloth into the pouch when you're finished cleaning, and clip it to a zipper, key chains, bag or other suitable locations with its snap hook fastener - it's super-convenient. Ideal for keen snappers and gadget heads, the Spudz SP-BK01 6" Black Cleaning Cloth with Pouch is a smart and effective way to keep your camera lenses in prime condition.


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