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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Skin...
5 Reviews
5 / 5
So gentle and clarifying and is not at all harsh on the skin. Removes makeup instantly
1 / 5
Personally, I’d never buy again, I saw little too no benefits in my skin and actually realised i had more blemishes/impurities after using it !!
1 / 5
I use a lot of skin care products, some are an instant hit and some are a miss. This one is def a miss for me. I dnt think its s good value for money and even after continous use I dont think it worked for me. I dnt think I will buy this product again ! For me it was a waste of money :(
5 / 5
I love the Alpha-h Liquid Gold products and this cleanser did not let me down. Best used after removing makeup for ultimate benefits. Glycolic acid features in this wash to help smooth and refine the skin. Ideal for someone with uneven texture or blemish prone skin.
2 / 5
part of a sampler kit.. it was ok to cleanse, not really effective to remove light makeup/mascara. did not dry my skin but nothing extraordinary. would not repurchase since it doesn't seem to be worth the price.