28 Questions
Dany A.
Is Black Honey worth it? Tried from a friend once and liked it but it was a while ago
Paige R.
Is there a more opaque version of this lipstick? The color is perfect on me but I wish it wasn’t so sheer. I’d love an opaque version.
Mila M.
Is this lipstick worth the hype?
Trixi M.
What’s a good dupe for Clinique Black Cherry?
Jessica L.
Does this lipstick allow buildable coverage without a heavy feeling? Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Honey
Sarah T.
Is this product thick like a lipstick or thinner?
Nance Y.
Is this a good lip color to wear under a mask? I am paranoid about having lip color smudge due to masks but still want to look put together when the mask comes off. Will it stay?
How is use product ?
Zavanda W.
Does anyone have idea how to keep lipstick on longer than an hour? I love the color but it’s gone quick in my opinion.
Grace R.
I was wondering how long-lasting this lipstick is? Also how pigmented?