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All Time Low ~ Future Hearts (new)
All Time Low

All Time Low ~ Future Hearts (new)


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I love this album by All Time Low, I love the band and their music is so inspirational. It also came with these polaroid photocards. I would definitely recommend to everyone.
I'm gonna be honest, I wasn't as impressed with this album as I was with other All Time Low albums. What I didn't like was that this album was more on the pop spectrum of pop-punk, whereas most of their albums released before this one were not. There are a few great songs on this album-- Missing You, Satellites, and Conderblock Garden.
I couldn’t possibly give atl lower than 4 stars because it would feel wrong but this is definitely my least favourite album of theirs. The hype around this release wasn’t my favourite, if you could even call it hype; the fandom just wasn’t as excited for this one as we had been for don’t panic so it was disappointing in that respect and also disappointing in terms of songs. I have a couple favourites, but I think there’s far too many filler songs on this album, the three bonus tracks are better than some of the main songs!

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