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Calidad en todo lo que venden , precios increíbles y mucha variedad . Envío súper rápido y con buen embalaje . Buena atención al cliente súper . Si
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I ordered two wigs on Ali Express, and both wigs sent to me were the wrong size. I immediately opened a dispute with Ali Express, and Ali Express told me to return the wigs and that the sellers would reimburse me for the money spent on shipping. I sent the wigs within two days and paid over $400.00 to return them. Even before I did this, I got a quote and told the sellers, and they said the shipping price didn’t matter and that I was to return it. Ali Express also confirmed that I would get my money back for the shipping. Once the wigs arrived in China, UPS advised me that both sellers refused to arrange for delivery of the parcels and abandoned them. I wrote to Ali Express right away, and they said I still needed to wait for the parcels to be delivered, which made no sense because both sellers abandoned their packages, and UPS said they would dispose of them. After over 100 hundred messages, one of the sellers issued me a refund, but it was only for the cost of the wig, and no shipping was included. I reached out to Ali Express, and they said they would issue me a coupon for the value of my shipping costs and asked me to submit proof of what I paid—which I did. Ali Express said I needed to wait seven days for the coupon. It has been weeks of waiting, and Ali Express still has not sent me a coupon for my shipping costs, nor has the second wig been refunded to me. I received an e-mail from Ali Express recently where they said that I need to negotiate a price with the seller for a shipping refund, which none of this was explained to me before sending the wigs back to China. The sellers refused to refund me for shipping costs, and one of them has yet to reimburse me for the wig value, even though I returned it, and they refused the parcel. Now, I am out of $500 plus dollars because Ali Express and the sellers both SCAMMED me! Ali Express refuses to return my shipping fee as actual money or a coupon. They keep sending me robotic messages and telling me to wait, only to receive a generic e-mail saying I need to work with the seller. I have told them hundreds of times that the sellers are not cooperating, and Ali Express still doesn’t care. Why would the sellers tell me to return something knowing they would never accept the parcels? It is one big scam. Ali Express is in the business of scamming people, and everyone should STAY AWAY FROM ALI EXPRESS! They need to be reported for fraud and theft of funds because that is what they have done to me and hundreds of others. We, as consumers, can spend our hard-earned money on so many other sites. Temu is similar to Ali Express and has better customer service and products. They would never allow customers to spend money to return something to them. Even Shein is good with customer service and returns. AVOID ALI EXPRESS AT ALL COSTS! THEY WILL SEND YOU FAKE ITEMS, WRONG SIZE ITEMS AND STILL NOT REFUND YOU EVEN AFTER YOU RETURN THE ITEMS TO THEM.
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4 / 5
De prijzen bij AliExpress liggen aanzienlijk lager dan elders. De kwaliteit is daarom meestal iets minder, maar nog steeds naar behoren. Daar de producten meestal uit China of Japan komen, is de levering ook iets langer.