I consider flying with them from Los Angeles to Seattle. Should I choose them or rather a different airline?
santa monica - 2 months ago

8 answers

I prefer Delta to Alaska Airlines because my past few Alaska Airlines flight haven’t had all the food options available to buy in flight and there was some turbulence. They do have good customer service though, so if you can’t or don’t want to fly delta, you should fly with Alaska.
8 days ago
It is a nice airline you can travel in it and has a great customer service
23 days ago
I really like Alaska airlines! They take great care of this customers, even if there are delays or problems.
2 months ago
I fly Alaska often, and choose them over any other airline whenever I have a choice. The agents and flight crew are always friendly and go above and beyond for their passengers.
2 months ago
I have flown this route with Alaska a number of times.  Quick, efficient, and I am always so impressed with Alaska’s staff. Their kindness and professionalism go a long way in making my flights better. They also have reliable WiFi and entertainment, amazing snacks and great beverages, including speciality wines and other alcoholic beverages.  I highly recommend flying with Alaska!
2 months ago
There are lots of flight times and they also have direct routes between Burbank and Seattle a few times a day, which is great for me as an eastsider!
2 months ago
I love to fly on them. Also it is nice that the airline offers flight to Seattle out of Burbank as well as LAX. Shorter security lines.
2 months ago