22 Questions
Mikki R.
alaffia-everyday-shea-shampoo-&-body-wash-for-babies-and-up-lemon-lavender-16-oz Does this help with significantly dry skin and will it help maintain it once resolved?
Keilah G.
Noemi R.
donde lo puedo comprar? Where can I buy it?
Pranita T.
What stores can I buy this product ?
Kendall L.
Do they make this product in different mixtures? My son has sensitive skin and can't use lavender products.
Snijana F.
Any reaction to this? I would love to try this
Ashley N.
Do you find this helps tire them out? Lavender is supposed to relax you.
Char F.
Is this good for sensitive skin? And where can I buy it?
Cynthia D.
I need this. Where can I buy it?
Melissa A.
Is the smell very strong?