Aira Handmade Organic Soap - Therapeutic Essential Oil Soap with Lily of the Valley & Vanilla - Moisturizing Soap with Vegan, Cruelty-free Ingredients - Chemical-free, Organic Hand Soap (4 Ounces)

by aira

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If you love using organic products, the time is ripe for you to switch from nasty synthetic soaps full of harsh chemicals to Aira Handmade Organic Soap. Handmade &- Organic - You Read That Right! Few brands in the market offer handmade organic soaps, and we're proud to be among them. Each natural organic soap from Aira is handmade, allowing no synthetic procedures or mass production to hamper the quality. Assorted Certified Organic Base Oils Unlike most organic soaps out there (a Pangea Organic Soap, e.g.), our handmade soaps use an assortment of certified organic base oils. Each Aira Handmade Organic Soap contains saponified oils derived from 6 organic ingredients: Olive Coconut Cocoa Butter Palm Castor Shea Butter Let Lily &- Vanilla Serenade You! This essential oil soap has a very special place in our catalog of handmade soaps. Lily of the Valley procured from Rochester, NY creates a dazzling interplay of blues &- greens, while a hint of sweet Vanilla renders the whole deal utterly luxurious. Benefits A mixture of therapeutic essential oils in this moisturizing soap locks natural moisture in your skin. This allows for natural moisturising that stays on for long hours. These essential oils help your skin regain &- retain naturally youthful, shiny &- healthy outlook. Lily of the Valley extract offers enticing fragrance with supreme skin benefits. Contains No Harmful Chemicals/Preservatives/Animal Products (Cruelty-free, 100% vegan soap) Note - Contains organic colorant(s) Rejuvenate yourself each day, every day with a body soap that is truly organic, in every sense of the word! Just click 'Add to Cart' &- order for yourself or your loved ones right away!

GET CLOSER TO NATURE - There’s nothing like feeling at one with nature, and this all new Aira Organic Handmade Soap with Lily & Vanilla lets you do exactly that; Feel the power of handpicked, unadulterated & powerful yet gentle organic ingredients & therapeutic essential oils, like never before; CERTIFIED ORGANIC BASE OILS - This handmade soap contains an eclectic mix of purely organic base oils that work like a charm on your skin; These include saponified organic oils of 6 distinct, 100% certified organic ingredients (olive, coconut, cocoa butter, palm, castor, shea butter); ENCHANTING LILY & FRESH VANILLA - This variant of Aira Handmade Soaps features the enchanting hues of blue & green that the Lily of the Valley extract carries; A touch of Vanilla breathes life into this organic soap, with its subtle sweet aroma; FOR SMOOTH, YOUTHFUL & HEALTHY SKIN - Thanks to a host of therapeutic essential oils, our handmade soap helps your skin stay healthy by retaining natural moisture & freshness for hours; All the ingredients used are purely natural; Cruelty-free vegan soap; SAFE AS EVER - As no harsh chemicals are used in Aira Organic Handmade Soaps, these are safe to use on a daily basis; So, get on board & experience the manifold rewards that our range of premium organic soaps offers; Click ‘Add to Cart’ & order today


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