Has anyone ever flown first class with air canada? What kind of services are you paying for?
Hamilton, ON - il y a 2 ans

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Great experience! I recommend the Air Canada lounge as well …great, relaxed place to wait for your flight. It has food and beverages, computers and shower.
il y a 18 jours
Would love to know this myself
il y a 7 mois
Unfortunately no. I looked into it once and I just couldn’t justify the additional cost.
il y a 8 mois
Honestly one of the best experiences flying I’ve ever had. I flew business from Toronto to LA and I had my own little pod, big screen, a massaging chair that reclined all the way back & was perfect for sleeping. The meal was also delicious and they had a decent wine selection. There’s not one thing that could have been better and in my opinion is worth every penny!
il y a 2 ans
Not yet im afraid
il y a 2 ans
I haven't personally flown first class, but I fly with Air Canada frequently. The biggest thing I've noticed, although at a distance, is the incredible amount of space you get! Unlike the traditional economy row seats, each first class passenger has an individual recliner chair sectioned off with its own table/counter including their entertainment system. I can't really speak for the food or other services though.
il y a 2 ans