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I am looking for a chemical peel to get rid of sun spots. I’ve never done one before and I’m doing research on what it would be like. Gimmie your recommendations! 👇🏾
Does this product work differently on skin of colour?
Does anyone know if this can be used at the same time with watermelon glow recipe toner and serum
Do you have any tips or suggestions for using this product? I just purchased and was planning to use it 1x per week. Thanks!
Got skin texture? Got hyperpigmentation? Got acne scars? Got dull skin? For less than $10, you can get dewy, glowy skin, if you use this 2-3x a week, for less than 15 minutes each time you use it.
Does this actually help with acne prone skin? I'm 33 with the skin of a 14 year old 😂
What is a good skin care product to get rid of blackheads?
Has anyone used this in lieu of salon grade peels?
What’s the best peel you’ve used?
What is the best product you have found to help with sebaceous hyperplasia .