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AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Permanent Liquid Haircolor with Vitamin E 8RC Strawberry Blonde

AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Permanent Liquid Haircolor with Vitamin E 8RC Strawberry Blonde


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I recently decided to dye my hair a coppery red color after being dark and before that platinum blonde (my hair has been through it!). This is truly such a gorgeous shade, most people assume it’s my natural hair color. After using this my hair feels as healthy as it possibly can considering it was already damaged to begin with. I touch up my roots with this and 30 volume and then mix this with 10 volume for the rest of my hair and it turns out perfect each time. It’s red so obviously it will fade but this doesn’t stain my tub or shower and it honestly looks great even after weeks of fading. Highly recommend!
So I have been a bathroom beautician for over half of my life, and I am 36. I really liked this permanent hair color. I have been making my hair blonde for about a year now and I wanted to start transitioning to a red then a dark later. I knew I needed to deposit nutrients and color into my hollow hair before going brunette. This hair dye did just that. It is giving my hair back life. It’s softer. More manageable. And it left it with a natural looking color. Very much like my hair before I started dying/bleaching it. I am going to do it again in about a week so I can continue to build color and build strength with the biotin that it has in it.
I bought this brand because its supposed to be cruelty free, and it claims to be anti aging to hair. But its 100% worse than box dye. First off this permanent dye isn't even strong enough to cover semi permanent dye, something box dye has easily done for me. So now half of my hair is one color and the other half something else. Sally's never has the colors I'm looking for in stock but the employee talked me to trying a different color and formula than what I originally came in for. Big mistake all around. Now I have to spend another $10 elsewhere to fix the mistake. Also the color I got was strawberry blonde, but it looks like boring brown. No hint of a pretty red. And lastly this stuff made my hair feel so damaged. Way worse than box dye. My hair felt like straw afterwards. I won't buy this again and would not recommend.

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