My hair is very dry and has breakage with split ends. Ive honestly tried everything natural to bring my hair back to life. Will using this make my hair hard as if I had gel in it or will it leave my hair oily? And if I use this as directed how long does it take to show improvements and is it ok for color treated hair?
orlando, FL - il y a 5 ans

2 answers

I have used this in the past and it works really good. I would use in as a deep conditioner and my hair wouldn't be oily. I noticed results in about 2 weeks!
il y a 5 ans
I've used it for a few times over the past few years. For me I use it to make my natural hair manageable especially after I have seen breakage. If you use as directed you will notice change within a month (at least I know I did)
il y a 5 ans