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Advanced Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment, Fragrance Free
Crepe Erase

Advanced Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment, Fragrance Free


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I really liked this scrub. It smells great and does a great job of buffing out my dry skin. I use it in the shower and find that after I get out my legs feel much smoother and more hydrated. Its super gentle and would work well as an every day gentle exfoliate for dry skin.
This is made to use while you are still in the shower right after bathing. It helps to remove dull surface layers and uncover smoother, softer and more radiant looking skin. Once you rub into your skin you then rinse it off with warm water. Then just pat dry as usual. This is an unscented formula and it literally has zero smell to it at all. It almost has a squeezable Vaseline feel to it with very fine exfoliating particles in it. This does leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Great product! [product:advanced-body-smoothing-pre-treatment-fragrance-free]
This does a great job of exfoliating, which helps creams penetrate more deeply into the skin. Love it!

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