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Activision Guitar Hero Live -...
10 Reviews
Loved this product was just very curious if theres a next gen version- love the arcade version fun for all ages id say!
This is the best guitar hero game. The guitar is so much better and the music is great. Theres also an insane amount of songs when you play online.
This is the best Guitar Hero ever!!!!! This is hands down my favorite! It is the most realistic one out of them all. They have real people ( not just bad CGI ) and awesome music. The guitar is a bit different but not that hard to control.
Guitar hero is not as good as rock band, good songs but the buttons don't register as well!
Im a HUGE fan of the guitar hero series of games! I love to act like om really jammin on a real guitar even tho its not lol my favorite game on the ps2 and ps3 so far! If u havent played this game u need to for sure! Its very addicting and once u get the hang of the buttons on the guitar...its time to rock! Def recommend!!
This game is sooo much fun! Takes hours out of your night with endless jammin. Love to waste a weekend playing this.
Got the 2 pack live for my son and its so much fun. Took a little getting used to but definitely worth it for game night!
It's a fine product! It comes in the standard guitar hero packaging and standard price. Nothing too special as it gets boring and repetitive after a while. Very fun to play with friends of course. Would recommend
Guitar hero on PlayStation 3 is an absolute fantastic game. Starting out it can be challenging but the more you play it gets extremely easy and the music keeps bumping along. A definite must buy as the game is great.
Love guitar hero, never lets me down. always a good time and its fun to play with friend or play alone so its a win win