I’ve had a history with mouthwash and toothpaste brands causing me to have canker sores. So many that at one point, I had 10 in my mouth!! Arm and hammer toothpaste has been the only thing that has not given me a reaction, but I have gotten a lot of cavities because I don’t have fluoride in my daily routine. My dentist recommended this because it doesn’t have all the fillers. Has anyone had any adverse reactions to this mouthwash?
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I have sensitive teeth and get sores if I have something too acidic... this has no burn to it and hasn't caused me any issues at all
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I haven’t and I also have sensitive teeth and gums along with teeth that are prone to cavities. Using this daily has helped me a lot. I can’t speak to the canker sores completely but I will say I’ve never gotten one before from this mouthwash.
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I haven’t! I’m cavity prone, and have been using it for several years after my dental hygienist recommended it
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