How else loves this mouth wash just because it does not burn your mouth.. Whats your favorite thing about this mouth wash..
il y a 8 ans

6 answers

I love that it doesn't burn my mouth and that it leaves a very fresh feeling once you are done using it.
il y a 4 ans
It really does not burn and my mouth always feels so clean and fresh after.
il y a 5 ans
Is not over-powering.
il y a 5 ans
I like that this doesn't burn your mouth after swishing for a minute. I also love that it helps prevent cavities. I had a watch on a molar and a month after using this every day at night, I didn't have a watch for a cavity. It also strengthens tour enamel. I had enamel microabrasion done which made me more at risk for cavities but this helps with preventing them
il y a 5 ans
The taste isn't crazy over-powering. I feel like most other mouthwashes burn like crazy but also are way over the top with the taste.
il y a 6 ans
I like the taste
il y a 7 ans