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ABSOLUTE Color Fix Complexion Stick - Lavender
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ABSOLUTE Color Fix Complexion Stick - Lavender


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I really loved this for my under eye area. I'm starting to notice the volume loss on my right side (likely because I sometime sleep on this side), causing an unproportioned and dark reflection that basic foundation can't or won't cover well. This concealer doesn't smudge away as easy as most, and definitely brightens the hollow area - in fact, it almost appears to fill the space and lessen the shadows, giving me a bright, highlighted appearance. I look awake and fresh, even if I don't feel like it ;) with a little setting powder, this is a great option. Very little, if any, settling in creases.
I like it a lot since it is very easy to apply and does the job of neutralizing the darkness of the skin very well by matching the tone.
I love this. I tend to have a lot of red in my cheeks and this helps a lot. I've tried a lot color correction green sticks but they always look muddy under foundation but thank God this one doesn't. I love elf products.
How is this the green color corrector on super sensitive/sensitized skin? In your opinion, how does it compare to other green color correctors on the market? What’s the coverage like? It looks like a light/mint green, which would be appropriate for lighter skin tones. Is that the case? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
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