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Abbott Nutrition Glucerna Shake Strawberry Retail 8Oz Bottle
Abbott Nutrition

Abbott Nutrition Glucerna Shake Strawberry Retail 8Oz Bottle


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My best option for days with a lot of work and I don't have time to make breakfast, you hold me for many hours and I take it when I get cravings for sweet things This is my favorite flavor💓👍🏻
These actually tasted good. I enjoyed drinking them. The bottle is also conveniently sized so I could easily take it on the go.
It is spectacular for diabetic people I have a friend that is and it works wonders and it tastes delicious. Although I'm not a diabetic I've tried them and the taste is really great when I try it for the first time, I could not believe it was especially for diabetics because they usually have a bad taste but this one I fall in love with, it tastes even better than ensuring and it gives a lot of energy. I love this and the other flavors every time I can I buy them so I recommend them super.
Would this help thoses who are on a diet ?
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I'm really curious about these. My mom is a diabetic (non-insulin dependent) and had been noticing that she gets a bit woozy around 2:00 every day. I'm wondering if these could help.
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