8 Pack Assortment: Epic Snack Steak Strip Paleo Jerky Wagyu Beef, Turkey Cranberry, Venison Salt and Pepper Steak, Smoked Salmon Maple

by Epic

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Try all 4 EPIC meat strip flavors! This is an upgraded version of the snack stick, our premium meat strips are created using high quality animal protein, clean seasonings, and simple dehydration. The end product is a tender and flavorful snack guaranteed to satisfy your inner carnivore. Loaded with nourishing protein, EPIC Snack Strips are inspired by the wild and free spirit of the majestic animals they are sourced from.

8 Pack Assortment - Epic Snack Strips; 2 - 0.8 ounce strips of each flavor; Steak Strip Paleo Jerky Wagyu Beef (2), Turkey Cranberry (2); Venison Salt and Pepper Steak (2), Smoked Salmon Maple (2); Try them all!


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