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7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

4.2 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars50%
  • 4 Stars32%
  • 3 Stars13%
  • 2 Stars3%
  • 1 Star1%
#5 in Bath Products

Manicure junkies know that all that pretty color comes with a cost. Harsh removers, alcohol, gel lacquers and the like can damage cuticles and weaken nails over time. To the rescue come Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masks from 7th Heaven. The UK beauty company extends its expertise in botanical-based face masks to the hands with these nutrient-infused individual finger masks, packaged in a handy single-serve sachet.

  • Strengthens and revitalizes nails
  • Softens and conditions cuticles
  • Helps repair damage caused by manicure products; excellent for use after or between gel manicures
  • Single-use sachet contains ten individual “mini-gloves” for each finger, infused with a nutrient-dense botanical formula
  • Innovative delivery system acts like a second skin and allows for optimum absorption of nutrients
  • Formula features nourishing argan and macadamia nut oils as well as antioxidant-rich pomegranate
  • Easy to use; instant results

To use:

  • Cleanse hands
  • Slip on the individual finger gloves
  • Relax for 15 - 20 minutes
  • Remove gloves and massage remaining lotion into cuticles and nails
  • Available for purchase in the U.S. at select Walmart locations
  • Cruelty-free, member of BUAV/Leaping Bunny and PETA
7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques
7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques
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Lauren R.
Lauren R.
Greensboro, NC

35 reviews

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques. If you are using this product do not make the mistake I did and tear all of the things off and put them on in a random order. They are different sizes. The one for pinkie fingers on my thumb was a little uncomfortable. In the pictures it is kind of obvious. Also put the product on your thumb and pointer finger last. It makes it easier. Trust me.
Now onto the actual product. The first thing I noticed was that it wasn't slimy or even wet on the outside which I liked because I could continue studying with flash cards while using the masques. It also had a very pleasant smell. A combination of clean and pomegranate. It was very nice. When you put your finger in the masque you feel a cream substance at the bottom and it's not too much to where it squeezes out. As far as how well it works... I just got gel polish taken off which leaves nails in terrible condition. I think they look slightly better. I would definitely want to try doing it several days in a row and look for improvement before I say my for sure opinion. Since I received this for free to review I'll have to buy some more and let you know how it goes. For now, try it out! It was fun, and with more than one you could have a little party!
Julie C.
Julie C.
Sandston, VA

17 reviews

This was an interesting experiment - I had never heard of a mask for my fingers before.  I was excited to try it.  I was pleasantly surprised that the inside of each "pocket" was soothing and comfortable for my fingers.  The product recommends that you leave it on for at least 15 minutes, which was somewhat challenging for someone like myself... I like to be able to be on my phone or to be doing something with my hands.  Perhaps it's a way to force yourself to relax.  Either way, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  When I removed the product from my fingers, it seemed they were coated in some type of lotion, which the instructions indicated I should rub in. The only reason I am giving this product four stars is that the "lotion" left a somewhat sticky residue on my hands.  It lessened after about 10-15 minutes; however, I also noticed that my nail beds began to feel particularly sensitive.  I am curious if anyone else had this experience.  Overall, not a bad experience!  

I received this complimentary product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
Marissa B.
Marissa B.

9 reviews

I've tried a lot of beauty products. This isn't THE weirdest, but it's up there? Like I told my dad as I was sitting around for the requisite 15 minutes with these little finger booties on, "this was fun for the first 30 seconds, now it's just kinda greasy."
- The finger booties are doing their best to be dry to the touch/non stick/whatever, but despite that effort, you still basically can't use your hands or grip anything for 15 minutes. - The smell is a very old school, vaguely chemically rose. It's oddly comforting. - After removing the finger booties, my fingers were wrinkle-ier than I expected. - After massaging in the residual nail cream, my fingertips are moisturized and not greasy. - I don't know what moisturized nails actually feels like, but this might be it? - Overall, this was an interesting product, but I don't know if does the job any better or worse than a simple cuticle cream. 10 individual finger booties doesn't seem like much, but when piled on top of each other after the treatment, it seems pretty wasteful. *Note - I received a free sample of this product to review, all opinions are my own.

Jessica K.
Jessica K.
Glendale, CA

26 reviews

This was a pleasant surprise in my Voxbox, I never knew cuticle masks even existed! I was excited to try these considering my cuticles tend to get a little dry a few days after getting a manicure. I didn't have any expectations because I haven't used a product like this before. They sound like a great thing to use for a "girls night in" or a spa day at home.
You're supposed to leave the little finger mittens on for 15 minutes. This is easy to do if you're watching a movie or something and don't need your hands.
After taking mine off, I did notice a difference in my cuticles being softer. I had gel polish on so only a little part of my nail beds were exposed & they appeared to be more "hydrated." They didn't stick out so much. Or maybe I just notice them too much!
Overall, I enjoyed using the finger masques. However, I didn't enjoy the odd smell afterward. In the future, I would prefer just putting on some cuticle oil and letting my hands rest while the oil soaks in.
It's possible with more frequent use, the product can really show it's worth.
This was a complimentary product I received in my VoxBox.
Florlisa S.
Florlisa S.
Flint, MI

10 reviews

Loved the 7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques I received in my VoxBox: POPPY BOXY!!  

First, I opened the package and placed each little cover over my finger tips--- which was easy to do. Then I massaged the tips for a bit to activate the product.  After 15 min. I removed the little covers, and massaged the rest of the product into my fingertips and nail beds. 

Review: I have tried other products like this before, but I found this one better priced, as well as the material of the covers to be better quality-- a plastic instead of a cloth. This allowed me to do other things while I waited for the product to finish it's job. 

Verdict: I will be purchasing this product instead of the other one I have been using for the last two years. Same kind of result--this option is better priced and I do not have to order it in the mail (it can be found at my local store). I recommend this product if you have a dry nail issue or cuticle issue. ***  I received this product complimentary from Influenster, but all my opinions are my own. ***
Kerri L.
Kerri L.
Deltona, Fl

39 reviews

I  was  looking  for something to  soften  my   cuticles and  I when I saw the  video  I was like  that  looks interesting . I  might  feel a little funny with these  things on but if  it does the  job  I will try it . When I  got  the  Poppy VoxBox  for  free  in exchange  for a  review ,  I was  blown away. This  was  an  amazing product. Yes I have to  admit  when I  put them  on it was a little "squishy" at  first  but  it was  so  worth it . I do not  believe my  nail cuticles  have ever  been this  soft.  I would  TOTALLY  recommend this  product to  anyone who  is  wanting to  stregthen their  nails or soften this  cuticle and  this is an affordable  product at well. I  was  so  impressed that  I am  actually  looking at the other  products this company offers .
Lauline G.
Lauline G.

246 reviews

I was super excited to test out the 7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masque. I get gel manicures pretty frequently because I have an issue with my cuticles. I tend to bite them and they get all gross, to quote Mean Girls, my nail bits suck. I dedicated my night to doing spa treatments and this was the last on my spa evening because I thought I saved the best for last. I was unfortunately wrong. The masques are a little tedious to open; it took me about 3-5 minutes to get all 10 on my fingers. Beyond that and waiting 15 minutes (which wasn't bad at all), the result after is what disappointed me. Not only did it not smell fresh like Pomegranate, it smelled sort of like old soap, but it left my fingers in a prune-like state. I was shocked that my fingers literally looked as if I had soaked in the tub for a while. The masque also left a weird residue on my nails, which I am not a fan of either. I think this is a great idea, but it just didn't work out for me. I received this product complimentary from Influenster, but all my opinions are my own.
Renee G.
Renee G.

27 reviews

I received this product free in the Poppy Voxbox, and honestly, I wasn't expecting much from them. Still, I gave them a shot when I was soaking in a bath one night. When you open the foil packet, you'd expect a mess, but it's actually totally dry; the little finger gloves contain only a bit of product at the very tips, and it doesn't get everywhere. It's relatively easy to get your fingers down in here, and because they're bone dry on the outside, you can still pick stuff up, scratch your face, etc.

After letting my fingers soak for 15 minutes, I removed the finger gloves and rinsed the remaining product off of my skin. My fingertips and cuticles were lightly hydrated, and I could easily push back my cuticles for a cleaner manicure.

The moisturization was quite light, and I do think these are a bit fussier than a regular cuticle oil. However, they worked as promised, and they're certainly a nice product to use once in a while on a spa day. I plan on looking for more 7th Heaven masks the next time I go to the store!
Brittany C.
Brittany C.
Booneville, KY

63 reviews

I just got done using the finger masques and the first thing I noticed was how shiny my nails were. It says it's suppose to strengthen your nails, but I'm sure you'd have to use the product a couple times to notice a difference about that, I received a sample for free so I was only able to use it once. It has a very strong smell to it and it gave me headache because it's so strong. The masques were very hard to get on my fingers, they all seemed to be different size and I ended up having to rip one up the side to get it to fit on my thumb. I would recommend opening all the masques before putting any of them on your fingers, I did not and it was extremely difficult to get them all open and on because when I'd open one I'd put it on which made opening the next one and putting it on difficult. I'm interested in trying the root masque, but don't think I'd be interested in purchasing the finger masque in the future. I received this product for free, but my opinions are my own. 
Kara V.
Kara V.
Webster, FL

240 reviews

Got all my mani and pedi must haves together. Here's my review on the Finger Masks by @ilove7thheaven . I really like this idea of strengthening my nails and cuticles. I like that you slip these on and 15 minutes later my fingers feel better than ever. The only issue I have is Im a plus sized woman. I had a hard time getting them on at all. Especially my thumb. It felt like the circulation was being cut off from the wrap being so tight. I would recommend for 7th heaven to think about making the wraps a little bigger for all those other plus sized beauties out there. Other than that these are great. Pleasant smell, and I like that its Cruelty Free, and has ingredients like Argan & Macadamia Oils and pomegranate. I would also say to make these a part of your mani routine so you can see the difference. I got this product free from @influenster for testing purposes only. #my7thheaven #sandalreadyfeet #contest #mani #nailartaddict #manipedi #nailwraps
Cindy K.
Cindy K.
Etobicoke, Ontario

18 reviews

I could really use some cuticle help, do they work??
Dawn V.
Dawn V.
Philadelphia, PA

37 reviews

How does everyone like this product? Do you see/feel a big difference
Heidi B.
Heidi B.

162 reviews

Do these make a notable difference in your finger area or is it basically just the same as putting lotion or cuticle oil on?
Shanya B.
Shanya B.
Nampa, ID

25 reviews

This seems so strange! I have super dry fingers, would this product help with dryness? Also where can you find this?
Erica G.
Erica G.

158 reviews

How do you like these? Do you feel like they actually help? I have really bad cuticles.

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