6 pack, Umpqua Oats Organic, Banana Walnut & Apple Cranberry Almond Flavor, Gluten Free, Super Premium Oatmeal 2.47 oz each

by Umpqua Oats

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Our organic oatmeal on-the-go treats you to exactly the kind of flavor and nutrition you’d expect from real oatmeal. Forget the instant mush you’ve reluctantly grown to accept, Umpqua Oats Organic Oatmeal On-the-Go is thick and chewy and full of flavorful, all-natural ingredients! IT’S THE OATS What’s in your bowl of oatmeal? With Umpqua, you get thick, nutritious whole oats — and zero of the processed oats or other fillers that larger companies sneak in to cut costs. It’s crazy that our oatmeal’s secret ingredient could be that simple, but it’s true. ONLY THE BEST INGREDIENTS All you’ll find inside any of our products is whole oats, real nuts, premium fruit, and natural flavorings — and a whole lot more of all of them! We could use measly little nut fragments and sad slivers of dried-out fruit, but then our oatmeal wouldn’t taste nearly as wonderful as it does. At Umpqua, we’re all about thick, chewy oats and ingredients you can really sink your teeth into. CERTIFIED SUPERIOR Umpqua Oats are all non-GMO, whole grain certified, kosher, and made in the U.S.A. with no gluten ingredient. Our oatmeal is better because it’s BETTER — our insistence on superior ingredients means better for you, better for the planet, and better tasting, too!

You will get - (3) Umpqua Oats Organic Banana Walnut & (3) Umpqua Oats Organic Apple Cranberry Almond; No Gluten Ingredients Used, Bigger, Thicker, Tastier; Quick and easy preparation for those with an active lifestyle; Gourmet on-the-go oatmeal is delicious and nutritious


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