6 Cup Muffin Pan Heavyweight...
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This product is amazing at only one dollar. I realize that is really cheap but it's from the Dollar Tree gurl what you expect!??. I want to review great inexpensive products because "we" are living in unprecedented times first of, but back to my inexpensive muffin tin. On amazon they asking $4.20 for one and on ebay it's $5.99. I also found muffin tins made out of foil but it didn't pan out well pun intended πŸ˜†. [product:6-cup-muffin-pan-heavyweight-steel-baking-cooking-cupcakes] truly a pleasant suprise that this product was available in the @influenster app market place!!. So if you'll influensters run into this pan at the Dollar Tree you will not hesitate buying it I hope and you will get perfectly baked muffins every time I've already tried it twice and washed it twice and it still looks perfectly fine just like an expensive one I am 😊.