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Petcare Scratch Protection Film

3M Petcare Scratch Protection Film


Protect your window seals, door frames, wood trim and more with the innovative 3M PetCare Scratch Protection Film. Featuring scratch shield technology and is virtually invisible. Features: Easy to apply & remove Includes: 1 Adhesive Roll Intended For: Window seals, door frames and wood trim Dimensions: 3 IN/PO x 15 FT/PI (5 YD/v) Caution: DO NOT use on floors, drywall, wallpaper, upholstery or leather. DO NOT use on chipped, peeling, uncured or severely scratched surfaces. DO NOT use on antiques, heirlooms, or other valuable or irreplaceable items. NOTE: For indoor use only. Apply at or above 50A,AF (10A,AC) Instructions for Use: Clean the surface with water and allow to dry completely. Tools needed: Scissors or utility knife. Optional: Ruler or straight edge, flat smooth object like a squeegee, credit card or piece of cardboard for smoothing out film. Test small area before applying the film over entire surface. 1. Begin to unroll 3M Scratch Protection Film and apply firm starting at one end of the area to be protected. 2. Apply firm with fingers. Press down with flat smooth object to adhere flim to surface. 3. Cut film to desired length with scissors or utility knife. The film can be peeled back and reapplied if needed. 4.Smooth out film to remove any air bubbles. A pin may also be used to pop a hole in the bubble and then use your finger to push the air out. 5. Fold over edge of film onto itself to make it easier to find the edge the next time you use the film. Inspect your film frequently. Remove and reapply if film is scratched or damaged. To remove film from surface, start at one edge and peel away slowly. IMPORTANT: Failure to follow instructions carefully may cause damage.


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How long do these last? My cat is a huge scratcher and I'm always having to replace everything because of him.