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365 Everyday Value

365 Everyday Value, Organic...
5 Reviews
I had to strain the water out of this salsa. It yielded two-thirds of a cup of liquid. This product is too watery to be labeled "Thick and Chunky". The taste is fine. *tip: The excess juice can be frozen and mixed into tomato-based soups or large batches of sauce at a later time.
There is nothing more delicious than sharing a sauce with natural ingredients with friends, I always have it at home, with nachos as a dip it is my favorite, tacos, casseroles, etc.
Great flavor and value. When officr parties and pot lucks resume, proudly claim your place as the person who always bringa chips and dip!
Yumm! This is my husbands and my all time fav salsa from hole foods! It’s only $3+ and it lasts us a couple of days. ( we are chips and salsa lovers!) perfect salsa ingredients, all organic!
It’s not my absolute favorite salsa, but it is one of my favorite chunky salsas considering I prefer smooth salsas. The flavor is great.