3 Point Products Bunionaider, 0.7 Ounce

by 3-Point Products

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Applying a gentle stretch on the big toe is one part of a successful plan to reduce a bothersome Bunion. The 3pp Bunion Aider gently stretches your big toe with a 3-point correction strap and removable stay to relieve the pain and stress of bunions. Thin and comfortable enough to wear all day or at night when you sleep. One size adjustable splint fits most foot sizes and can be worn on either your right or left foot. 100% Latex Free Please note: If you have diabetes or reduced circulation, please discuss this product with your health care provider to determine if it's right for you

Gently stretches and corrects alignment of your big toe in three directions - up, down and sideways; Ideal for flexible bunions or bunions at beginning stages to help delay worsening of the condition; Soft, foam-lined straps are thin enough to wear in athletic shoes and gentle on your feet; Best when worn at night for a long period of gentle stretch; 3” removable stay is included to add extra support as needed


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