3-Point Products 3pp Toe Loops for Hammertoes, Broken or Overlapping Toes, Narrow Pack of 3

by 3-Point Products

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Softly cushioned 3pp Toe Loops straighten and protect hammer toes, overlapping toes and claw toes and relieves pain from blisters, calluses, and jammed or broken toes. Gently cushions stubbed toes and are great following surgery too. The easy loop & wrap design is certain to help your toes feel better! Toe Loops are available in Narrow or Wide to fit all different sized toes. Please note: If you have diabetes or poor circulation, this product may not be recommended for your use. Please discuss this product with your health care provider to determine if it's right for you. 100% Latex Free.

Holds two toes together to support and straighten hammertoes, overlapping toes and claw toes; Easy-to-apply loop and wrap design cushions without adding bulkiness; Cushions the top and between your toes to relieve the rubbing and irritation caused from your shoes; Thin enough to wear in any style shoe - Narrow fits your smaller toes and the Wide fits your big toe; Washable and reusable - great replacement for messy sticky tape


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