Melissa E.
Anoka, MN
442 reviews

Has anyone tried their DNA tests? How does it compare to AncestryDNA? Do you get the ancestry analysis along with the breakdown of genetic predispositions (more likely to need more sleep, have curly hair, like coffee, be good at running, etc) or is it one or the other?

carissa c.
carissa c.
Gallatin, TN
2 years, 1 month ago
23 and me breaks down everything ancestry wise and it also does show any genetic predispositions (physical and emotional ... ours showed everything from obesity and risk of certain cancers, to anger issues or emotional/mental illnesses)
Brianna W.
Brianna W.
Staten Island, NY
2 years, 4 months ago
You get both. The ancestry may not be as broken down as the one from though. It breaks it down into 38 or 39 sections so certain geographically close places are clumped together. It doesn't say your 25%irish, it would say your 25% irish or Scottish and so on.

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