Has anyone tried mixing Tree Tee Oil with any other oil to cut the smell? Would say, an olive oil cut it?
Loveland, CO - il y a 5 ans

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Ive seen lavender tea tree oil mixes but that can still have a strong smell
il y a 4 ans
I've mixed it with Lavender essential oil and also added Lemon oil and Peppermint. That helps some. Lavender is a carrier oil so it does help absorb everything quicker. I found that I can tolerate the smell much better in general over time.
il y a 5 ans
I haven't tried that because I love the smell of tea tree oil, but I'm sure that could work
il y a 5 ans
I don't mind the smell, but you can do this. I would probably go for coconut oil as opposed to olive oil if you are using it for your skin.
il y a 5 ans