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B I B U💜🦄بــيـــبــــو I.
Review for MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil - 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Review for: DERVISH
This is the best lip liner I have ever tried. As I have previously mentioned that my lips are very dry. It's impossible to find a product that would last for few hours without my lips being dry and chopped.
This is how I use this product:
I would use a lip balm before getting ready.
Do my face and eyes. Put on my cloth and finally after my lips are completely moisturized. I would use the "MAC Dervish lip liner" to line up and fill my lips. It feels so light, full coverage , natural color, and it lasts for 1 to 2 hours without harming my lips.

أفضل محدد للشفاة قد استخدمته الى الان. كما ذكرت سابقاً انني اعاني من شفاه شديدة الجفاف، من الصعب ان اجد منتج تجميلي يبقى لفتره طويله على شفتي من دون ان يجعلها تبدو جافه،و متشققه.
طريقة استخدامي له كالتالي:
دوماً أضع مرطب على شفتي، ثم اقوم بوضع المكياج الخاص بوجهي وعيناي، ارتدي ثيابي. بعدها ستكون شفتاي قد حصلت على الترطيب الكافي، لذلك اقوم بملئها وتحديدها بـ"MAC Dervish Lip liner". يدوم المنتج من ساعه آلى ساعتين ولا يسبب الجفاف لشفتي. لونه طبيعي جداً وخفيف جداً عند وضعه لا اشعر بعدم الارتياح.
Dark Brown
I used to love the taste of galaxy chocolate flavor.
However, now I feel like it's somehow different than how it used to be.
It feels to sweet "too much sugar" and the coco flavor is no more there.
I'd prefer "coffee mate", more than this product.

لطالما احببت طعم الشوكولاه الخاصه بجالاكسي. ولكن، الان اشعر بان
No Special Diet
Review for The Gap - 1 month, 1 week ago
GAP, is really nice brand. Their prices sometimes are not reasonable.
I only shop for pullovers, jackets, and sweaters for winter. They have really good fabric quality.
I would shop GAP again, but I wish if they could reduce their prices a little bit.:(
Review for Forever 21 - 1 month, 1 week ago
I don't really like forever 21.
I don't really know! I think it because of the branch that we have here is not really taken good care of.
There aren't many options. Sadly! And sometimes the clothes doesn't match the weather outside. I really hope that forever 21 would check their other branches outside US.
Review for Zara - 1 month, 1 week ago
I literally love Zara.
They have the best coats n' boots ever made on earth.
I'm always satisfied when I visit Zara.
Never left the store without buying at least two pieces. LOL <3
I would probably visit Zara again n' again specially for winter.
Review for Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Hand Cream 1.06 oz - 1 month, 1 week ago
This product makes a difference but it takes time.
I used to have it in my purse wherever I go.
It has really pretty smell, it feels like green spring. LOL XD
I would recommend this as a normal hand cream. Because, if you're looking for an effective hand whitening cream you should go for another option.
This cream is very light, it has no color when you put it on your hand. It's not sticky or oily. It just fades away after you spread it on.

I saw results, after the first month my skin tone became a little bit lighter.Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Hand Cream 1.06 oz

الوصف: كريم تفتيح لليدين، ملمسة خفيف، سهل الوضع على اليد. ليس لزج او زيتي. لا يترك لون على الجلد. له رائحة منعشه كالربيع LOL XD

تجربتي: أضعه دائما في حقيبتي، استخدمته لمدة شهر، لاحظت فرق بسيط في لون بشرتي.

التقييم: ان كنتِ تبحثين عن كريم فعال لتفتيح اليدين فيفضل ان تبحثين عن منتج اخر.
انصح الجميع بتجربته ككريم ترطيب، لانه غير باهظ الثمن
‏You guys! This product is a miracle!!
‏I suffer from really dry lips, I went to see many doctors. I bought, pretty different medical lip balms. But, sadly!! Didn't work out at all.
‏To be honest, Korean skin care products, made my life much easier, especially for my lips.
‏Lip mask, balm, and scrub are my no.1 to look for in a Korean beauty shops.
‏I would like to recommend this product for you guys, it's sooo so so amazing. Even with my dry lips I use it once a day and my lips feel so moisturized.

‏You can also, scrub your lips with (sugar,lemon) then use the miracle. TONYMOLY Peach Lip Balm.

‏Waallaahh! Say hi, to your healthy looking lips.[TONYMOLY] Mini Lip Balm 7g (3 Set (Cherry + Blueberry + Peach))

هذا المنتج معجزه!
اعاني من شفاه شديدة الجفاف. زرت اكثر من طبيب، استخدمت منتجات طبيه مختلفه. وللاسف! كانت بلا فائدة.
لأكون صريحة المنتجات الكوريه الخاصه بالعناية بالبشرة، جعلت حياتي اكثر سهوله. خاصتاً عندما يتعلق الامر بالشفاه.
الاقنعة، المرطبات، و المقشرات، الخاصه بالشفاة، هي اول ما ابحث عنه خلال تواجدي في متجر تجميل كوري.
انا انصح الجميع بتجربة هذا المنتج.
انه اكثر من ممتاز. حتى ان الشفاه الخاصه بي شديدة الجفاف الا انني فقط أضعه مره واحده ويستمر مفعوله طيلة اليوم. تبقى شفتاي مرطبه جيداً.
يمكنك ايضاً، ان تقومين بتقشير شفتيك بـ(السكر والليمون) ثم قومي بترطيبها بـ(TONYMOLY Peach Lip Balm)

وااا لاااا!! رحبي بشفتيك ذات المظهر ال
Dark Brown
this product is a miracle!!. i use it for my eyes, brows, and to draw any crazy makeup ideas on my face. since, my skin is oily, its hard to find a good pigmented product that doesn't fade away fast for it. but maybeline made that happen. Their, Master kajal eyeliner is a miracle.
Review for M.A.C Extra Dimension Blush-CHEEKY BITS-One Size - 1 month, 1 week ago
there are days where, i'm not into contour or edgy makeup. i just prefer to put on some girly, cutie, makeup. i'd always go for a "garnier BB Cream" and get my eyes and eyebrows done with my favorite "maybeline eyebrow pencil" "maybeline black gel liner" and finish the look with "M.A.C Blush-CHEEKY BITES" and "tony moly peach lip palm. feels light and cute, for college, school, or work.
i have bleached my hair over 10 times. at my first bleaching experience, my hair dresser gave me "L'OREAL PRO Fiber restore mask" beside the, "L'OREAL Kerastase daily treatment shampoo" my hair felt incredible, though, my hair color was very light, but still my silver hair, feels soft and looks shiny like natural. then, i bleached my hair even more, and i tried other products from other brands, it only made my hair worse. i wasted too much money for nothing so, i decided to go back to my favorite L'OREAL shampoo and i'm never going to other brands.
Dark Brown
Thin, Color Treated
Damage, Oily Scalp, Curls, Heat Protection
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